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Monwana epitomises an ideal in African safaris. It’s a place where you’ll feel at once perfectly at home and completely indulged, where your every whim is considered and accommodated.


Thornybush Main Gate, Guernsey Road, 1380 Торнибуш-Гейм-Резерв, Южно-Африканская Республика

Inspired, conceptualised, and nurtured by an accomplished world traveller, Monwana personifies that intangible sense of homecoming experienced by all who visit Africa.

Masterfully located within the Thornybush Nature Reserve, Monwana Lodge has always offered African experiences at their most authentic and rewarding.

Here, you’ll watch the day unfold, from the first dewdrops glistening in the dim light of dawn, through the afternoon haze melting into a blazing sunset, and followed by glittering night skies.

Fireside socialising forms the perfect end to every day, after a dinner enjoyed in the candlelit intimacy of your private deck, or while sharing experiences with like-minded guests in the dining venue.

Unpretentious honest and personalised service are the perfect complements to world-class cuisine and riveting daily game drives showcasing the inimitable theatre of the African bush.

In the light of these cherished experiences enjoyed by countless former and returning guests, Monwana Lodge has undergone an extensive refurbishment. It’s emerged even better than before, with seven superb accommodation offerings and many eco-friendly enhancements

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